I need advice on the whole dating a man with children?

Hey Everyone,

So I've been dating this guy for a little over three months now, and we seem to be slowly moving towards something bigger. But! 1) his kids mother knows nothing about me 2) when they're on the phone together, there a little too much giggling going on. Now don't get me wrong I expect them to have good relationships, but to me there should be a limit and I can't help but to get jealous and I'm not sure if I should say something to him about it, because we're taking things slow and outside of that everything is great but I don't know how to address this issue without causing some kind of conflict. Any advice guys?

FYI she has a man.


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  • We are always going to be in contact with the mother until the kids are out of college and doing their own thing but I think he isn't ready to tell her about you yet since he might think things may change with his visits with the kids but he will tell eventually


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  • You should simply express how you view things and see how he reacts. You have not one reason be jealous and pay attention after the conversation to his behavior.