Right person wrong time?

There's this girl I've been friends with for about a year and a half now. I liked her for ages but she had a boyfriend at the time so I didn't want to make a move on her. They split up when he cheated and she started coming out with us more often. We had a short fling about 3 months after they ended and we spent a lot of time together and we slept together twice. She told my best friend that she really likes me but then her attitude went very cold. I asked her if things were done and she said she wasn't ready for a relationship. We stayed friends and talked less regularly but I'd fallen for her. It was hard and a lot of the time she was on my mind. After Christmas we both started dating again but she told me she really likes me and told me that she misses me a lot last week. Things have somewhat changed recently, I don't know if it's for good or not but she seems a bit more attentive and she came out for my Birthday this weekend even though a lot of our mutual friends cancelled. She agreed to stay at mine although we didn't have sex, just cuddled. We were both very drunk, very tired and my parents were in the next room though.

At the moment getting into a relationship with anyone is a bad idea for me. My career is very uncertain and I want to be much happier with myself first. I'm just very unsure what her behaviour is, she always that when she is more emotionally stable she will start making time for us.

It's a messy situation but I seriously think she is the right girl for me but the timing has been hideously bad. She never ignores my texts or my calls, she has started being closer to me and now has one of my t-shirts.

What do you think? Am I blind or is being patient and persistent worth it?


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  • Sometime people are at different stages in their lives , so it's an impossibility for them to be together. It's unfortunate that the timing is wrong. You are still very young , so your career should be paramount. You will get the chance to find love again, but you may not have the opportunity to pursue your career at another time in your life. You can't put your career on hold for love. Love never comes with a guarantee, but your career will set you up for the rest of your life.

  • You are focus on career and even though you like her I think you should be friends nothing more. Anytime you have question dating someone and she switches her moods often it could affect what you are trying to pursue career wise. You don't have time or the mental capacity to be in a relationship stay focus on getting where you are trying to go.


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