Am I allergic to relationships?

i know i'm young but i have this feeling like i'm gonna die alone XD and without sounding egocentric or I don't know what but i'm really attractive and courted by many guys but i always end up liking the guy that don't love me or respect me or that have many other girls , and when they end up liking me back i just run away and don't feel attracted to them anymore. when a nice guy start to have feeling for me i try but always end up runing away and now i feel like i can't be close with any guy anymore what should i do when all my friends fall in love and date guys and i'm like a freaking robot?


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  • That's a psychological response, it's why "nice guys finish last", per se. your brain releases endorphins (the happiness drug, and yes you CAN get addicted to it), when you're with someone you like, but it releases a LOT more endorphins if they're complete douches but then do something nice once in a while. your brain misinterprets it and thinks that the actual struggle to get respect and love is the reward itself, so when it ends you feel empty.

    • and what should i do to get ride of it?

    • That part isn't as easy to explain, but If i could, I would try to get into a nice, chill relationship (doesn't have to be boring! just not overly romantic, those ones burn out fast!), and focus more on what happens. Truth be told, everyone takes what could be the best moments of their life for granted, so in that sense, this could help you with more than just guys.

      Basically, if you even feel slightly happy because your stabler, more respecting and caring partner does eomthing or says something, really think about it, be aware of the fact that you can be happy without a huge struggle, too! It may be hard to get rid of the attraction to the "bad" guys at first, but just keep thinking about what REALLY makes you happy and you'll be fine.

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