Girls, would you date a guy who's 20 and never been in a relationship before/is inexperienced?

I just want to start by saying I'm not some basement dweller, I've always been social and most everyone got along with me, even in college I'm often the first one to get a class talking rather than them all sitting there quiet. I will say I can narrow down the reasons I've been single-one I admit I have very high standards, yes that means looks, whether you agree or not doesn't matter I only want something legit and I'd give the girl everything if we got along so if that makes me 'shallow' I unashamedly am, two, I lost my hair to something like alopecia and I shave what's left, for a white guy I actually lucked out and pull it off but still there are of course plenty of girls who still can't get past that and three, I grew up in a small town, so my high standards combined with a very small selection pool just made it nearly impossible especially since despite the small size cliques were still predominant.

anyway otherwise I've got my life on track, I do still live at home as my father passed away and I'm the only so I decided to stay with mom until she recovered some, I'm attending and doing well in college, I skydive etc the only things really wrong with me are the lack of hair on my head and the fact I have experience really. So girls would that be a problem?

  • Yes I would date a guy who had never really had a girl before, the inexperience wouldn't bug me
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  • No I'd think that if he's been single this long something is wrong
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  • Yes. You sound a little like my boyfriend. Sometimes I feel weird I've dated other guys and he hasn't dated other girls, but it's not that I think there's anything wrong with him. If anything it kinda makes me sad I've dated/kissed other guys.


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  • Yes!

  • If he's never dated that's fine with me. If he's 20 - that's a bit too young for me, though. I'd feel like I'm 'taking advantage' of him.

    • I understand the age gap, but he were closer to your age it wouldn't bug you?

    • Not in the least. =)
      I'd very much appreciate his honesty. I haven't date a whole lot myself... so... No worries.

  • Of course I would. I was 19 and my boyfriend was 20 and neither of us had ever dated before and we're happier than ever, so yes I would. 🙂 Don't feel bad about yourself or anything at all.