Angry, Guarded look after kiss?

I've been seeing this guy for two months. We have fun together, but I become guarded sometimes. At the end of our last date, we had a kiss. Before the kiss I went to hug him, but he quickly said hey. We looked at each other with this angry, guarded look, then he went to kiss me. Five times in a row, close mouthed. I had my eyes closed for a few, but opened for the last two. He tried a little tongue from what I saw, lol, but kept it closed when I didn't respond. He pulled away on the last one, opened his eyes, and we both still had this angry, guarded look. Said goodnight and left the car.

I know none of y'all were there, obviously lol, but can I have insight into this? What emotions/chemistry/feelings do you think are there? Or any comments really? I'm confused so much


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  • I am sorry, but how can we possibly tell? Maybe both of you felt a little awkward, that's why you had an angry, guarded look.