Could my lack of dating experience be preventing me from feeling/seeing the "spark"?

I've gone on a couple dates with a guy I've been crushing on for months. we text all the time. Sometimes he'll say and do things that will make me smile like a school girl and I get nervous around him. we're pretty similar. I get him and he gets me.

But when I'm actually out with him and we're talking, I don't feel butterflies. I just feel like I'm talking to just anyone. It feels comfortable.

I've never dated before so every single thing happening is new to me. I feel like that is preventing me from really being able to enjoy this. I went 23 years without dating anyone to all of a sudden a guy who really likes me, takes me out and does sweet things for me.

Is it possible for me to feel so overwhelmed that I don't feel that "spark"?

how are you supposed to feel during the first couple of dates?
Is it supposed to feel comfortable when you're together?


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  • Smhhhhhhhhhhh
    thats what its supposed to be like, you date and you both feel comfortable around each other, at least that's true for regular relationships. In highschool girls want to feel that "spark". You want that spark? cultivate it, have similar interests then move forward.

  • I think... this can happen. You're way ahead on rapport then on sexual side, and it can actually be awkward to shift gears.

    You two are doing a great job of talking, and a bad job of flirting and touching etc.


What Girls Said 1

  • You're just not that into him. It doesn't matter if he's attractive or not. If you don't feel butterflies, the I'd suggest you to stop seeing him, otherwise you're going to regret it in the future.

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