Can your old profile show back up and be liked in an existing user's Tinder account?

I had met someone on Tinder last year and all was going well. I deleted my account and the app. He said he'd deleted the app but not his account (he's not the least bit techy and I do believe he didn't realize he needed to do both). Recently, though, I've become suspicious of some of his behavior. I reinstated my tinder account (using my same FaceBook account) and found his profile. I "liked" it and within a day got his "like" back. It's a different picture than I used orginally but still - how did he not recognize me? Anyway, my question is: could his like have reinstated since he'd never deleted his actual account or did he have to manually swipe? Would my messages have remained accessible to him since he never deleted?


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  • When you deleted your account ALL your info would have been deleted, including likes, messages, etc..

    • That's what I thought. So he's a lying cheater. GGGGRRREEEAATT... Thanks for the info.