Chance of her liking me or just friends?

Known this girl for about 6 months now. Had a huge crush on her, but found out she liked another guy, decided to be friends because she's just a great person. Recently though, she's been super flirty, teasy, sorta touchy, dilated pupils and always looks in my eyes, you get the story. We started getting closer and closer, she eventually tells me more about her, trusting me more. Fast Forward, she went on, not a date, but hung out with this guy. I sorta got jealous, asked what they were, and she said not dating, emphasized that, and that she doesn't like him as much as he likes her. Then, something really bad comes up for her. I kind of comforted her, and was there for her the whole time, telling her I cared and genuinely was here whenever she needed help. She said I know you do, and thanks. Next day, she comes straight up to me, tells me everything is ok, just feels, different, closer.

We start texting a bit more, and I asked if she needed help with this project, and yada yada. She said she'd let me know and thanks for asking. Not even 5 min later, she puts up a twitter post saying how being together and dating are not the same, and you should just ask the girl out. I don't know if she was talking about me, or this other guy she used to like but gave up on bc he didn't want a relationship. Its all just so confusing but any help is appreciated. Even if she doesn't like me, she's a great person, and I respect her friendship, just need some advice. Thanks!


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  • just friends... or someting more