Anyone here with a Christian perspective on dating and relationships?

The reason I wanted to ask is to know how do you as a Christian do you approach who to date? are you a believer that God has a person picked out for you to marry? And have u ever dated anyone that did not believe like you did? And if you did how did y'all two handle your relationship as a Christian and a non Christian? I hope you don't feel alienated if you don't consider yourself a believer. everyone is welcome to share their opinion.. cool thank you


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  • I absolutely believe that God has someone picked out for everyone, however not a lot of people let God put into their life the person he has for them. They tend to chase their own will. And I was engaged once to a man who was atheist. It didn't work for many reasons, but he loved to make fun of my beliefs and was always questioning me and telling me how wrong I was. I'm not one to force my beliefs on anyone but I will stand solid and firm on them when someone comes at me like that. He also learned to use it... when we separated he would all of the sudden find Jesus and want to come back into my life. Once I was single I just tried to weed out anyone with any red flags and prayed for the right one. A few years later my husband walked into my life and was worth every bit of the wait. Total blessing for us.

  • It's funny because I was raised in a Christian home and with Christian beliefs but I didn't come to be a true believer until a few years ago. Since then, I had changed so much and grown so much but my husband had not. And our marriage became really difficult. I felt like he wanted me to be who I was when we got married and didn't like the person I have become. All throughout our marriage and relationship though, I had experienced rejection and put downs by him. I finally left him two months ago because I couldn't handle it anymore. Our marriage just became really toxic and he would destroy every good thing that came our way. I realize that he wanted power and control over me while continuing to disrespect me. All of the mental and emotional torment he threw at me, God had used it for my good. And another reason I left is because I got sick of him telling me to leave if I didn't like certain things so I did and filed for divorce. He seems happier being alone and well, I've been lonely in our marriage for years and finally now that I am alone for real, I don't feel lonely.

    • Thank you for sharing! I'm very encouraged by your testimony and it makes me see that I should find a Christian lady to have a real relationship even if I'm going through a fascination for someone that I think is not a believer but I have hope. God bless

    • A testimony? I feel like a failure

    • No it's fine I see it as one.. you got out of this bad situation and you are better, at least that's how I interpret it.

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