Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

I am really busy this week. I need to study and currently in a LDR with my boyfriend. He is stressed and needs to work as well. He is now talking to me less. I am more than happy to give us both some space, since we need to concentrate working.

But will this make us more fonder towards each other or colder? I am scared that after turning off the Wi-Fi and possibly ignoring him for a week will potentially ruin our relationship. Once, he was busy for 2 weeks and we didn't talk. I never pressured him, but I nearly got over him in that 2 week period, whereas he said he could never get over me.

So will some space benefit our relationship?

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I honestly feel smothered in this LDR.


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  • I think some space will indeed benefit your relationship, but make a good deal with each other when you will, no matter what, hear each other back :D
    That will avoid the feeling of "she's running away from me" :o


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  • It all depends on the individual but distance generally doesn't make two people closer. It makes the time you spend together more meaningful yes and valuable, but you'll for the most part drift apart or stay the same.

    Of communicating how you feel is vitally important display your feelings let each other know what you need/want.

    • Forgot to mention that we will always have that drive, need and want to be closer and have that closeness. Even those of us used to long distance relationships, don't deprive you or your partner of that if you can help it.

    • We can't do much because he won't see me until approximately 2 years later. Seems impossible to not drift apart within these 2 years when we are in the "honeymoon" infatuation phase. Is there any ways to keep the passion alive without drifting off or finding other people in this time period? We are both super busy with work and it seems hardly possible we will ever meet. Words can only be said so many times before they become meaningless. I said I hope this lasts, and he says it will but I'm no sure.

    • All I can say is that the success of a long distance relationship depends upon the people in it and their whilingness to move ahead.

  • No that's honey nut cheerios.

  • Definitely makes me stray.

    • What if he's busy with work? Double texting is a no way for me because it proves I am desperate and have no life.

  • Give each other space but still keep in touch. A relationship without communication is dead


What Girls Said 3

  • for me, the 'fondness' will wear off after awhile. i need that closeness. i've never ever ever had distance with someone and gotten closer over time. we've either remained as we were or just drifted apart.

    • I'd rather remain where we were than drift apart. Drifting apart is actually the worse scenario that could happen.

    • pretty much, but i also like to move ahead with my connections, so coming to a stand still also gets annoying. really depends on what u feel is best.

  • No, not usually

    • Won't it make you both miss each other more and rethink over your feelings? I really desperately need to study or I risk failing. Can I ignore him for a week, because this week is critical or will he most likely get over me and move on?

  • My husband is gone for a little over a month at a time and gets average of 6 days home time before he leaves again, working business hours while he is home. It is hard. The hardest thing I have done. Staying faithful is sometimes more of a challenge than I want it to be, not that I struggle with it, but I do feel slight urges and I know he does to. The main thing we have is always calling at least twice a day, when we wake up and before bed (whoever is up or down first). Sometimes it's less than a minute but it's still a reminder that we care. The other is the random acts of kindness. He might get flowers sent to my work or even have a pizza delivered randomly. Sometimes I order him room service or have a gift basket delivered if I know he will be in the same hotel for a week or more. This isn't an every day thing, not even every week. Maybe once or twice a month. I think what is important is making time for eachother the same way you would if there wasn't so much distance. Relationships take work, long distance especially

    • But what if he is working and is stressed? I also need to study too, or I am at a high risk for failing. If I ignore him for a week because I desperately needed to study, will that make him want me more and miss me or will that make him get over me and move on?

    • I feel like the only way the whole distance making the heart grow fonder thing will work is with as much communication as possible, without being over bearing. A 30 second phone call in the morning and at night isn't going to push y'all over your stress limits, I promise. If my husband ignored me for more than a day, there would be serious problems. It he ever ignored me for a week, I'd move back home.

    • But thing is, I can't double text. It would make me look desperate and clingy, having no life outside. It would stroke his ego if I continue to bombard him with calls, constantly texting why he is not replying, asking what is wrong or saying that I miss him. I think he is stressed with work at the moment and give him space. Is this a wise choice? I am just scared that he might get over me and we will grow distant.