How big of a penalty does the attractiveness of a guy take if he doesn't have an upbeat attitude?

This is mostly directed to girls, although guys can answer. But the vice versa, I already know. Guys will still have the hots for any hot girl, even if she's a stone faced smoker. I know the baseline is looks, so let's just skip that.

If a guy acts like Christian Bale, doesn't smile or laugh at everything, how big of a penalty is that on his attractiveness?

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I use Christian Bale as an example exactly because women would want him, despite his attitude. And I'm talking about the real guy, not his roles. His looks trump attitude problems, but the question is where the threshold is. Or it could even be that after a certain level of looks, a bad attitude is even more attractive? Who knows, but I guess girls are not smart enough to answer this question.


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  • Only Christian Bale can play that role. Like he's coo-coo yet I still want him! I mean I probably wouldn't want anyone else whos crazy but he made American Psycho so hot!! But I really fell for him when he played that sweet guy on Little Women. Sorry, but he's a boring ass Batman

    • I'm not talking about characters Christian Bale has played. I'm talking about his real life personality, or at least what he lets out in interviews. He's a bristly, intense guy that doesn't laugh easily.

    • Oh well no thats no fun then. he's cute, but i need a goofy guy

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  • Its a deal breaker women care about looks more than men do if anything. They are more picky about the body too.

    • What? Wrong question maybe?

    • Only a big fat juicy wallet will make them more open minded.

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  • i am all about personality, if a guy can make me laugh he can make me do anything ;)

  • I wouldn't be any less ATTRACTED to a guy with a mellow personality, but I certainly wouldn't consider him as a realistic partner. I want and need the exact opposite, an outgoing guy who's bright and fun.

    • Not mellow. A guy that is serious and intense.

    • Yeah no, my opinion remains the same. I'd still recognize the guy as hot and probably even have him on my mind a lot but actually pursuing something serious? Not for me.

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