Are very shy girls intimidated by hot guys?

i am not trying to brag but i just wanted to give a clear picture of the situation, i am very good looking guy a solid 9 and I approached a girl ( she is conventionally an average person a 6 or 6.5 ) who didn't have a boyfriend before. she was very shy when I approched her she could not look me in the eye. she turned me down. do shy girls reject guys they like?


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  • Just trying to understand, but what was your reason for approaching a girl (especially if you rated her in your head as a 6 or 6.5)? If she wasn't that attractive to you, "conventionally an average person", why did you approach her and not an 8, 9, or 10 girl? That seems kind of odd, based on how you described her?

    She could be shy, she could have social anxiety, she could believe she's out of your league judging by appearance alone, she could have thought you were a jerk (I don't any real details to figure it out), or any number of factors.

    Oh wait, sorry, I didn't quite answer your question. 😅 Yes, shy girls, do they reject guys they like? Often, yes, until they overcome their shyness, if they ever do. Shy girls may have a low self-image of themselves, which could cause them to not believe they're pretty, smart, or interesting enough. They may not believe they're good enough to be with guys they like. Because of this, and maybe other reasons thrown into the mix, they become guarded. They try to protect themselves from getting hurt and rejected, and they try to protect the guys they like from seeing their opened-up, genuine selves, which they see as full of ugly imperfections.

    • she is conventionally average a 6 ( universal standards) yes but to me she is very attractive

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  • Yessss they do most of the time