I'm very confused on her, any ideas?

I like her a lot. She flirts with me, texts with me etc. I stayed her friend for the longest time bc she had other interests which she didn't want to pursue anymore. After, she seemed to start taking an interest in me, teasing me, walking with me, joking around, dilated pupils etc. However, just when I'm about to ask her out (no lie, I had the balls), I find out her and another guy have been seeing each other. I asked if they were dating, and she said no, she doesn't like him as much as he likes her, but they just look as if they are. We were texting last night, and asking how each others day was, projects were going etc. While this was happening, she put up posts saying how being together is not the same as dating, you should ask the girl out. Then she put up something about wanting to cuddle with her boy, and watch movies (with the guy she was seeing?). This made me think she was in a relationship, but I don't know. We still talk, flirt, etc, but now I don't know if asking her out is the right time seeing as another person might have her. Any thoughts, or ideas.


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  • She is interested in the other dude, but she keeps stringing you along.

    • So, what do I do? I see her everyday... and I can't change that, we have the same class together and she sits right next to me, with no other seats available...

    • You should forget about her. Thanks for m/h by the way.

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