Weird feelings and situations going on with my ex-boyfriend. Help please?

So basically, long story short. We broke up 2 years ago, we were really serious with each other, we were going to move in together, but for me, it just got too serious way too fast. And then he told me the only thing that he knew I couldn't argue with, that he just couldn't love me as I loved him. Which now I think is just bullshit. A little over a year ago, I started to make a new life with 2 jobs, I didn't even think about him. The second job was at a nightclub, so he came there every weekend.

A few months later he gets a job there. Don't even know how or why he managed to do so. All year long, came up to me, gave me compliments, giving me those looks, introducing me to his friends, etc. All year it was like this. Also he wanted me to meet him at a place, but it just didn't happen..

About a month ago, we had a special night together. It felt a lot like we were together. And the sex was just amazing. And we talked everyday since that night, but then he's like we should maybe just forget that night, I know he gets very easy attention from girls, and I know he's been with a lot of other people since me. So what he said, didn't surprise me. But I said if you want this, fine, whatever, have it your way. But I'll be gone.

And now he wants to meet up? Where is the logic? He wants to talk about the relationship. You can see it on the whole him that he still have feelings, but he just confuses me. And last night I had the most insane sex dream about him.

So I don't really know what to do..


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  • He is so blatantly in love with you and he is trying to emotionally manipulate you into making a decision. So what if it gets serious? you obviously love him too so stop thinking about it and live your life! trust me its not so scary one day at a time xx

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