GUYS AND GIRLS! WHAT SHOULD I DO/THINK ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Ignoring me and claims he is busy for work but it doesn't add up?

So, I have only been with my boyfriend for a few months. Since September of 2015. We have exchanged our "I love you's" and have talked for days and hours on end even between our work schedules. (He is a dj and producer. I am a model.) But recently, some weird shit has been happening. He is starting to gear up for his 3rd tour. They are kicking it off on a cruise ship for spring break, "Incepetion at Sea", for about 3 days in March. Over the past month, his apparent "girlfriend" messaged me saying that they are together. Neither of their stories matched up to each other so I didn't know what to think. He will barely let me see his phone. Valentines day, while he was taking me home, another girl text him happy valentine day and sent him a picture of her boobs. Like... what kind of relationship do they have that she feels comfortable enough to do that? He new I saw the message and claimed he had no idea she would do that and appologized. Fast forward about a week or so. He is apparently much too busy to talk to me. We have not seen each other since Valentines Day. Every time I suggest getting together for 1 day, he says ok but the changes his mind when the time gets closer. Says that he is too busy getting ready for the tour and has all of these meetings. Lately, he hasn't been texting me or calling me at all until I start to get mad at him. Then he tells me he has been busy and couldnt talk and that he loves me and will see me soon. Just yesterday, he had me blocked on Instagram. He claims I wasn't and went through liking my photos but I know I was blocked. The whole issue is making me mad because I reuse to believe you can not take 5 minutes from your day to hold a small conversation or phone call to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Its been days since we've actually talked and had a conversation. Can someone please help me? What should I do? Whats going on with him? Should I believe him or do what I think is best and leave?


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  • You should have left long ago in my opinion. That entire situation seems shady.

    • things just aren't adding up. I know he has a busy life but it should never be something this busy. Unheard of. I do love him but I wonder if he still loves me..

    • I'm sorry to say, but you're probably not his only "girlfriend"

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