What did I do wrong?

I have been friends ish with a guy for 15 years we both married other people and weren't in contact during that time but both divorced and met up for dinner one night one thing led to another and we ended up fooling around. On our night out we discussed our love lives and he said he had an Canadian girl coming to stay for a month who he had met when he was travelling but for him it was only a bit of fun so I said well you never know it may turn into something serious - this was before we ended up fooling around - anyway I left and he was very affectionate etc texting loads asking when he could see me next etc his texts were persistent and I always replied never initiated! I went away on business so I couldn't see him for a while when I came ba k he kept checking we were still going out on a day I had suggested. The date came it went ok but he seemed more distracted then told me he had literally got divorced that day and his head seemed to be all over the place. I went back again to his we fooled around agdin but in the morning he said ' next time we see each other theirs going to have to be no naked behaviour which is a Shane as I have really enjoyed it but this girl is coming over and I have no idea what the hell is going on' 'its just really bad timing' then he kept saying why didn't we get together when we first knew each other over and over. Anyway I left all good and since he texts asking how I am whst I'm up to etc but I still don't know where it all went a bit wrong.., is it timing? Thanks


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  • the man is having a mid life crisis as his life is falling down all around him... give the guy a break. i knkw you mean well, and by all means have some fun, but dont dig into this giy too much, je is just trying to numb him self on what he sees as a lost opportunity or past mistake he sees you, a yound women who is interested in him, and he sees you as what could have been. if his wife was just as interested as you, everything would be different. but you haven't been with him for 15 years... point being, just hang out , have fun, hook up if you want and dont stress about it... not till jes a fair was out of thay divorce


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