What do do about this girl?

she is my "friend" I guess. known her since kindergarten...um she brags a lot, and she is just so narcissistic! she is such a narc! at first I definitely couldn't stand her...but know she's dating my crush.


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  • did she know that you liked him as well?

    if so that's pretty harsh and I've had that happen before too.

    I was more shy than her so she put it out that she liked him first and ever since then there has been a huge gap in our friendship.

    you should just talk to her and tell her how you feel about the situation.

  • i feel for you, did she know that you liked that person? because if she did she isn't a true friend, sorry to say that, I know how it feels, but move on forget about the both of them if poss, and don't let her or him hurt you or get you down x

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