I tried and now I need to move on right?

I liked this girl for 6 months or so. She liked another guy, but I still thought she was a great person, and wanted to be friends. I tried to do whatever I could for her whenever I could, not looking for anything in reutrn, but becuase I genuinely care and want to help her (doesnt have the best home life, so I thought I would try and help her). She recently started acting flirty, teasy etc, lots of inside jokes, text all the time yada yada. Started walking together, got closer to each other, and eventually I got enough signs to try and make a move. I asked her out the day before V-Day, but I was a little late. Another guy beat me too her. I asked her if they were dating and she said no, but I see them hanging out all the time, and her friends ask if they are "Official", in which case she looks over at me (idk why) and says no (but they hang out, text, the whole 9 yards, its just a matter of time). I tried one more time, asking her to a movie but she was legit working (no effort to re-schedule though). Now, she still flirts texts, and to be noted, she is a really shy girl. I'm one of the only guys she talks too, but after two strikes, and the fact they for sure are going to be a couple soon, I feel the need to move on. I'm not dishearted of myself (since I at least tried), and she is still a great person (and I still want to help her and be there for her), but moving on is the right thing right?



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  • Why would you do that? She is already involved with someone else. Why do you keep wasting your time with her?


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  • I don't have much experience with this sort of thing, so these are just suggestions:

    Option 1: talk to a close friend of hers and ask if they think she likes you, the other guy or neither

    Option 2: speak to the other guy and ask if he had feelings for her

    Option 3: speak to her directly, make it very clear you want to be more than friends, and see how she responds

    Option 4: speak to her and point out that you noticed that she seems to like the other guy. Ask her about this and depending on her response bring up your feelings

    Option 5: tell her you care about her and will always be a friend to her, but really like her and think a relationship would work

    Ofc you can use more than one of these, and depending on you're situation you might want to approach things differently, but hopefully something I said was helpful.

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