Sagittarius woman, please explain your dating philosophy?

I can't figure you ladies out. You dream of a fairytale romance but are known as the bachelors of the zodiac. You flirt with guys you don't like but you also flirt with the ones you like. From the outside looking in your boyfriend looks like just a friend and you best friend appears to be your boyfriend. I know Sometimes you sags can be shy but damn. Please tell me how that makes sense. Dating is already crazy as it is and I love you gals but you are all over the place.

If if you're not into zodiac goodbye!


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  • Astrology has been proven to be wrong many times. There is absolutely no reason for stars to influence personalities and even if they did the horoscopes are off because of shifts in the Earth's orbit. Please go educate yourself.

    • Doesn't mean that I am uneducated. I just enjoy astrology

    • Well if you simply do it for fun I guess you're not, if you seriously believe in it then I'm afraid you have some reading to do.

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