Am I being played?

A guy from work and I went out on a double date Saturday night. I've suspected for a while he's had a thing for me so I was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to go. We met for dinner with some friends before the movie, he seemed nervous but we all enjoyed good conversation and after we went to see a movie. We sat fairly close to each other the whole movie but he didn't make an attempt to hold my hand. After it was over and we were all parting ways I turned back and told him I had fun and he said he did too and I asked if we should something again soon and he said we should give it a go. I waited a few hours afterwards and texted him thanking him for the evening (he paid for dinner and the movie) and reiterated we needed to do something again soon, but never got a response. Today at work we talked a little but not too much. He seemed distracted or possibly even ignoring me a little, I couldn't tell. I texted him a simple "hey" after work but again, I received no response. He seemed like he had fun on the date, and we texted back and forth Thursday and Friday, so I'm just wondering.. Am I being played or maybe misreading something? Is it too soon to really worry? As far as I know he's never been in a relationship before and I have a bad past with relationships so I tend to read into things that maybe aren't there, but how hard is it to respond to a text?


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  • Honestly he should have been able to respond to the text you sent. I would say it may be a little soon to worry, but you are right to worry a little based upon his actions of kind of ignoring you. Maybe he does not know how to voice his feelings about a potential relationship, but he should still be able to talk to you


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  • It sounds to me like he's ghosting you. leave him be you dont want to come off as trying to hard if he's not texting you back dont text him. be polite at work but dont go out of your way to see him (not noticeably at least if you do) if he's interested he will come to you..


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  • If I were in your position, I would be confused, also.


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