How can I forget about this guy... ?

There was this guy I met about a year ago. At the time I know he had a girlfriend, but it seemed like he started to have a crush on me later, but I'm not sure if they broke up or what. We never really talked much. I was starting to notice that he really liked me, but seems really introverted (I am too) and never tried to talk to me or make a move. He didn't seem like a very social guy since he didn't talk to other people much at work either, but I noticed him looking at me a lot, and other behavior that indicates he found me attractive. Anyways I got excited thinking that maybe I will finally have a date but then he moved somewhere else. I've been feeling really negative about dating and stuff since I never have any luck with love. How can I forget about this whole situation? I feel like wishful thinking has got the best of me. Once again, my life has proven to be extremely unlucky in love...


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  • Focus on something or someone else