Help a guy out! Please?

im going on my first date tomorrow night. We are going to dinner. Any advice?

When we we go to leave, how do you end it on a good note?



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  • Make sure you shower, brush your teeth, and whatever other hygiene stuff you need to take care of.

    While on the date make sure you are nice and respectful. Compliment her. Pull out the chair for her when you guys are about to sit down at the table. Remember chivalry isn't dead!

    While the date is going on just ask her some basic questions, like how was her day? What are her hobbies? etc.

    Be careful not to talk too much about yourself, but don't talk to little about yourself. As the date progresses hopefully you guys can spark up some nice conversation.

    At the end of the date you basically just have to read her vibes to know what to do.

    Another important thing is to be yourself, don't put on a front. You don't want someone to like you for someone your not.

    • Thanks. Just pull the chair out and she'll scoot in in?

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    • How did the date go?

    • I think ok. She texted afterward and she had a great time and thanks for dinner. We both have really busy schedules so it's tough trying to go on another.

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  • Stand up Straight. Sit up Straight. Be Respectful to everyone. Confidence. Usually picks up tab and tip but thats up to you. Girls usually want dessert so ask her which one she would like. Conversation. Humor. Compliments. Open every door. Communication is key. Eye contact. Listen to her. The little things actually do matter. Flirt. No such thing as waiting 3 days to speak again, contact her about the night or the next day. Keep things positive and not negative. Most importantly be you. Goodluck. Enjoy.

    • This plus let her do most the talking. Ask her questions and see if she ask you the same questions. This gives you a general idea of what her interest level is.

      Have fun and don't be nervous.

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    • More tines than not the other party is more nervous than you. So relax

    • @817medic thanks

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  • That's great!! Be a gentleman, hold the door open, and give her a nice hug goodbye. If she is feeling it, a kiss on the cheek or you can try a kiss. But during dinner, try touching her arm or hand casually and if she doesn't pull away, try reaching for her hand. If you walk her to the door, see if she lingers and go from there. Have fun!!

    • Thanks. Really nervous

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