If some crazy Harry Potter shit happened to your SO, and his/her pieces were scattered all over the realm, which piece would you quest after first?

  • Brain/common sense
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  • Heart/feels
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  • Soul/character
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  • Nose
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  • Whichever part makes him/her want to have sex with me
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  • Can't I just stand the body up by the door and use it/him/her as a hat rack and reminisce about the good times in the comfort of my home?
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  • Go drunk, Fenixx, you're home
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"Use the force, Harry" -Gandalf


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  • Well I mean, I'd be a "man after her heart," so naturally I'm going to literally going to go for her heart and feels. Then I'll get the others when I can. Pssh, I'll get them eventually.

    I mean, just like the great Professor Oak, leader of magical beast studies said in Harry Potter, one "gotta catch 'em all," amirite?


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  • I'd go for the head. At least he could contribute to the search and be a cool conversation starter.

    • What if the thinkin' part realized that emotions just made his life more complicated, and he decided not to help you find his other parts, and then he tried to take over the world and enslave the human race?

    • Considering emotions come from the brain and not the heart, I'd have to dump him for being an idiot.

    • He just hadn't been himself lately...

  • Fenixx. Go drunk, you're home.

  • I chose the brain/common sense one. If I'm lucky enough to find a guy with that, I'm protecting it.


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