Should I call until he picks up? What does this mean?

okay, things were going great with me and my boyfriend. but all of the sudden he won't call or text. he doesn't text much anyway but if we don't see each other, then he would call me or he would at least pick up the phone. its been two days and this is the third. this Wednesday, it will be 5 months for us. I did call one of his friends and he said that my boyfriend wants to hang out with friends but he doesn't know why he won't talk to me.


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  • To me the answer it pretty simple. if a guy wants to talk, he'll call there's really no excuses even if he's super busy if he wants to talk he'll find a way. that tells me that either he's losing interest, found someone else. it can't be that he needs personal time if he's spending time with friends. I know you want it to work out, but if you're doing all you can do then you can't do much more. He obviously seen that you called and I would have a problem with my boyfriend missing one day let alone three. And if you searched your mind and made sure nothing was said that would make him not wanna talk and came up with nothing. its his problem stop calling him. even if you did say something he didn't like which I'm sure you didn't its his responsibility to tell you things that bother him so again its his problem nothing you can do if he doesn't want to answer the phone or call back. I would just not call him anymore and try to keep my mind off of it.