Did I do the right thing in cutting contact with him?

I had a thing for this guy and was crushing on him real bad. We actually went on a date and he mentioned going on a 2nd date, which we both agreed to the first time we met. We did text back and forth for a while but he never really asked me out again, took forever to get back to me (sometimes 2-3 days) so I decided to cut all ties with him.

We haven't spoken together for 3 weeks now and I'm starting to miss him. I think about him all the time and now I've been having this feeling of wanting to reach out to him (which I'm not of course)

Why do I feel this way and did I do the right thing in cutting contact with him?


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  • Sounds like you're just a normal person in the beginning stages of a new friendship/ relationship.
    Humans are kinda weird in that, we really enjoy newly made relationships. The effects of a newly formed relationship are similar to the effects of cocaine.

    Yes, you're going to miss him and yes its going to be hard, but it sounds like you made the right call.
    If he doesn't appreciate you or your time enough to get back to you, then he clearly doesn't value you enough to put you before himself. If he can't put you before himself, then maybe he just isn't the guy for you.

    Hope you figure it out,

    Regardless, the feelings will go away and you will feel better with time.

    Be blessed :)


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  • This Apple that You Took and Partook on a 'First date' here, dear, was the Juiciest One way at the Top and Now... Hardest to Grab Again, my Friend. "I'm starting to miss him."
    It's been Nearly a Month of Mondays and With him Not getting to You, it Shows he May have Moved on Now Somehow.
    It is your Choice, the Hand basket is in your Court yard. You can either Try and Text him to See if Maybe things Might have Changed in Another direction or Continue Down the Path and Begin a new Beguine Of... Meeting another Better Bob.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think so, if I like a girl I will ask her out on a date quick (not too quick) but quick enough where she knows I have interest.

    If he has any interest in you he will reach out for a date, until then move on.

    • You're right. He did text me a couple of days after our first date and asked how I was doing, if I'd watch the Superbowl but somehow he never brought up getting together again. I think you're spot on though..

  • You definitely did the right thing. I was dealing with with a girl that didn't this to me, at one point taking a week and and a half to reply to a text. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and she dropped the ball again. So I just stopped replying to her texts all together. Now she seems to be trying to get my attention again but I assume it's just make herself feel better or boost her own ego.

    If someone can't respect your time you don't give them any of your time or respect again. Lesson fully learnt.


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  • Yes, you did the right thing. If he was still interested in you then he'd make an obvious effort to be in your life. It appears he's lost interest. If a guy genuinely cares about you , then you'll know it. Move on from people who don't make an effort to stay in your life.😊

    • Thank you ☺ and I will!

  • you did the right thing and that feeling is normal. It will eventually pass.

    You will have those days where you will really miss and almost crave just to hear one word from him but don't give in.

    • Thank you :) I won't cave in and contact him. I hope this feeling will pass quickly though as it's currently driving me nuts.

    • you're welcome. 😊

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