Why did I hurt her so much?

I was dating this beautifil kind woman for about 6 months.
She was the kinda girl that got along with my friends and made me breakfast in bed and always made sure I was safe and happy.
Amazing in bed and loved me despite anything else.
I started to treat her very badly, flirting with other woman swearing at her and I blocked her off my phone once for a whole month while I partied and picked up woman. All this time she was trying to call me on different numbers and as soon as I heard her voice Id hang up.
A month passed and k went to see her.
She had lost a lot of weight and was like a zombie.
I started to mock her and she went to the bin in her room and picked out a pregnancy test she has taken.
While I had partied and had fun I left her with no way to reach me while she sat at home stressed thinking she was pregnanant... She wasn't.
During that month she had lost her well paid job due to depression and stress.
i begged her to put the past behind her and that I was sorry and she agreed.
that night we has sex and the next day i blocked her off my phone for 2 months.
Since then she has become crazy tried to ring me off different phones and I've since found out she's on anti-depressants and having therapy.
a week ago we made conact again and I taunted her calling her all sorts of nasty names calling her desperate and ugly.
she has changed into a vile mouthed person who swears a lot and she never swore before/
yesterday she sent me so many angry messages asking ME to meet her but again I taunted her calling her names.
ahe tries to contact me a lot and all I do is tell her how little i care for her
She wants an aplogogy from me and it's the least she deserves.
i can't believe how much I've hurt this woman. And watching her transform to a soft spoken kind girl into a crazy swearing girl.
what should I do?


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  • Just hope and pray her next boyfriend isn't a 7' 6" wrestler that will some and find you, and make up for her trauma. You don't deserve her and she certainly doesn't need you.

    Go and grovel, and say sorry, then butt out of her life. She will recover in time, but there's every chance, that if you hang around her, you'll do the same thing again.

    • She was dating someone for a while, when I found out i gig in touch with her again and said vile things. She has since left him/
      Yesterday she sent ME a link for getting someone deported. She had actually filled it out as I have a conviction of assault.
      Everytime I see her pretty face on her profile the guilt and shame is unbearable that I've had sleepless nights.
      I love her and Id do anything to go back to how things were before

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  • What you should do?

    Go up to a mirror and punch yourself real hard about 10-15 times. Proper punches, make yourself bleed so you can understand just how horrible it felt to be in her shoes this whole time.

    You are truly disgusting.

    You owe her far more than just an apology.

    • I knew she loved me and I know she still does.
      She's the kind of girl that sleeps with a teddy she's had since she was a kid she's now 28.
      The first time she met my mother she took her chocolates and was so happy. I wanted to marry her.
      She has only had one sexual partner before ME.
      I can't seem to apologize to her. Just yesterday I was with my buddies and she was saying how much of a nasty shit I am... I taunted her more and said she's ugly desperate and pathetic. Then blockd her again so she couldn't say anything back.
      I feel it's gone too far and I don't know how to make it better

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    • I deserve that.
      I miss her very much and I don't feel that I will ever meet someone as kind and caring as her again

    • She has actually reported me to inmigration.
      I just recived an email from Her saying karma is a bitch adn that I deserved it after all I did to hwr.
      Looks like my visa will be revoked soon.
      I wish now I had apologized ewelwir as i drowe her to yhis