Is title more important? or his action is more important?

He is a commitment phobe who refuse to label our relationship.

He is not taking advantage of me as he is not sleeping with me. He is not dating or looking to date anyone else, he would go out of his way to do me favors and take me out on date.

What's more important? Some friend are focusing on the title and say there is no future no matter how nice he treats me?


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  • Both are important, dating a commitment phobe is not an easy path. It's different to dating a "normal" person. They can only get attached to you when you don't attach yourself. Can you do that?

    • We broke up once, he didn't admit we are in relationship until we broke up... we are dating again with no break in between.

    • He can't let you go, go slow with this dude.

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  • On your end, You already Know that He is a commitment phobe who refuse to label our relationship.' And From where your Bud is sitting, who is a but Possessive, he is judging as Well, I can tell, Trying to 'Label' the Sticky Situation himself with His own Writing on the Wall and All.
    Yes, it Could very Well be it Will Never Be a Two birds in a Love nest Again with a Hooked String of Straw, However, your Bud is also Not exactly the other Tweetie who Should be Tweeting, He is Merely Straw boss who I See is Somewhat Territorial of you.
    For the time being, Use your own Head and Feel it Out as You go Along with the Boyfriend's Flow. Things can Change in Which they Go in another Direction, and the Stats you Have now and the One that Came out of Bud's Mouth... Will Go South and You and the Boyfriend will be Two birds of a Feather who Stuck it Out together.
    Good luck. xx

    • What can I say.. your flowing and going always keep my head going. Yea bud does go silence when I say boyfriend is doing something nice. Or he will make a joke out of it to diss him

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    • Well deserved and glad its a great start for your day :)

    • You know this, My dear GOOD friend. xxoo

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  • Do not listen to those people... if you have peeps in your life that you can be yourself around and you trust, keep them in your life !!! The future is not certain anything could happen make the most of right now...

    • I can relate to what you said, those so call boyfriend and girlfriend don't always get married.. I don't know why they are so obsessed with him giving me a title while he is doing more than their boyfriends.

      I do trust these people and they let me be myself, they just don't think I should keep this guy.

  • Well what do you want? It could be that he just wants to be friends.

    • Friends don't kiss. He admit we are dating

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    • Friends don't date each other, period. You have special definition

    • I stopped reading when you said friends go on a date. Do you take your mom on a date too?

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  • Your title is important. If he won't define what you all have then he only see a friend and nothing more. Because, once a man. Now I said a Man finds someone who he deeply cares for he will put a title on her quick. Why, because he wants to reassure her and also keep other men at bay.

    • I can relate to that, what confused me was before the break up he never put a label on it but he called me a girlfriend after the rbeak up and now we still dating.

      I also had a man who quickly put a title within 6 dates, took me to his entire family within 3 motnhs, one week after he told me his family loves me and askeding him when is he marrying me and then he realize he was never with me emotionally.

  • Is he dating other people simultaneously or just you?
    Maybe he needs more time. The question lies in... are you willing to give him time even if he never changes or?

    • Just me, no one else in the picture. We broke up once, he didn't admit we are in relationship until we broke up... we are dating again with no break in between.

      So now the only thing that changed is no sex as I don't want to do it while he is uncertain.. may be just go back to before.. exclusive but no titile? (even i was hi giflreidn in his head)