Do you think I should break up with him?

OK so he always is flirting with my best friend. And he never ever talks to me anymore ://and he never ever wants to hang out with me. I just don't know what to do and I try to hang out with him and talk to him. I really wanna have a good relationship..Which I try to have but he has to try to. I love him. And I really don't wanna break up with him. Just I really need some advise.


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  • ok.. well odviously he is not really tryin to have this relationship.. he doesn't want to try ebacsue you are trying and he doesn't have to.. ya know? and I think that I would break up with him.. a relationship liek this is not going to be good for you.. beacuse if you really wanted a guy that didn't want to be there for you and hang with .. why don't you just date ur brother? its stupid to try to make things work when he doesn't wnat it.. its really pointless.. I mean.. I wouldn't do it.. it is juss going to make you heart worse and worse as you be with him longer.. so id leave him.. and find some one that wants to spend time with u. so its going to hurt but if you don't leave him now.. and you let things go longer.. its going to hurt ten times as long in the future when he or you ends it. its better if you end it.. then it makes him think a little bit about how things are.. and what he could be loosing.. and if he doesn't come bakk then he's not worth it.. but if he does come bakk then try it again.. and if you go bakk out and things don't change.. he's not worth it..

  • Have you asked him about if anything is bothering him? Maybe he is mad or upset about something and isn't telling because some guys just never tell if they are mad\irritated at their g\f! if you already have and he says 'nothing'' then maybe you should give him some space and be busy in ur other stuff, when his mood is better he'll contact you by himself! BUT, if you have waited and he got his time and he is really hurting you then you should think about it seriously what do you want, I can advice u, that you should go from him but it's not that easy. Listen to ur heart and think from ur brain. .can you count on him now as seeing his behaviour, I would'nt acept that, no one would but the decision is urs!

    Best of Luck :)

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