Girl becoming distant?

Well I have been on a quite a few dates with this girl, and on the last two we were back at mine or hers and both times she was all over me, constantly holding hands, hugging and kissing a bit. On the latest date were watching a film at mine and I got really distant body language. When I tried to hold her hand she pulled it away, and we just ended up watching it and then she said she was tired and ready for bed, so I left.

She did mention she is very stressed at the moment about various things. Could this be the reason and she just needs space or has she just gone off me? I find it really hard to read people, so not really sure. She has agreed to another date though!


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  • If it were me there'd be a few reasons I might be acting that way.
    1. I had a lot on my mind and was incredibly stressed out.
    If this is the case and I explicitly told you I was stressed out (which she did) then I would have hoped you would take some time to talk to me and listened to the things that were bothering me. Like actually be engaged in what I was saying and offering some advice.

    2. I didn't want to be with you anymore.
    Still hanging around you but not participating in affectionate actions might mean I'm trying to figure out what I feel about you.

    The only way to really know is to ask what's on her mind and engage in a dialogue about what's happening.

  • She was probably on her cycle.


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