Girls, Is it too coupley for a fourth date?

Ok so I've been seeing this lady for a few weeks now, we chat every day and things seem to be going great. She is considerabley older than me although doesn't look it at all (10 year age gap)

first date was good, nice little wine bar, second date she bailed then invited me around for dinner at hers, third date i returned the dinner around mine. We had sex on the second and not on the third

Since then she has kind of not really made too much effort to meet me, she's found time this Saturday afternoon for me and said we could do lunch. I suggested we go to the shopping mall, do a bit of shopping and then grab some food at one of the nice places there. Apparently this is "too coupley" for a fourth date - I dont really see it, but its really annoying me that she would say that! Its as if dates 2, 3 and 4 she just doesn't want to be seen out with me. Am I over reacting here or is it a reasonable suggestion for a fourth date?

Thanks for your time


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  • She probably just doesn't feel comfortable in one of those settings. Like I know if I was to date a guy I wouldn't want to go to a fancy restaurant BC I like more of a relaxed and fun setting.

    If she is going out in public with you and kissing you in public then I don't think she is embarrassed of you.

  • She wants sex. Nothing more. Move on if you desire something more serious. If not...

  • I don't... consider it too coupley for a fourth date to be honest. But if she doesn't want to, then you can either go to a coffeehouse or to the movies.


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