Girls and guys would you date a guy who flirts with you and your best friend?

This guy I met flirted with me a lot and expressed a lot of interest them things kind of died down but I still really like him but a few days ago I was with my friend and he tried flirting with her like right in front of me and i was really mad at first and my gut says he's a fuckboy and I should go for it but he's so attractive and we have so much in common and I like so many things about him and I find myself making excuses to forgive him and talk to him.


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  • 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻 I knew a guy who used to flirt with me and my bestfriend at the same time and it was an instant turn off every single time 🙅🏻

  • No the guy doesn't seem trustworthy. If he hits on other girls he is a player which means he is more likely to cheat on you.


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