Is it wrong for a 17 year old guy to be dating a 26 year old woman?

Just wanted to see what people thought about a young guy dating a woman who is much older than him. Thanks :)

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  • Hey, if there is lots of love, who cares about age. True love is more than just how old someone is, it is way bigger than that. So if you actually love each other, go for it.

    • I love your answer :)

    • Well to be honest, I don't actually find a problem with it. And plus, you already have consent from mother, which means it should be fine anyways.

    • Well thank you. he had a hard life and grew up really fast. so its not like I'm dating a "boy". his mother said its okay and we are very happy. I just wondered what society thought. thanks ;)

      i appreciate your honesty!

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  • i was 16 when I dated a 20 year why not?

    its totally acceptable...i mean as long as the bond is strong enough...nothing is impossible

    • I agree. What's meant to be will always find a way....

      Thank you :)

  • no way he's under age,hope she knows the laws.

    • His mom gave her consent. therefore, the guardian said its okay. is it okay in your eyes?

  • By law? Yes. Common sense? Yes.


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