Best way to show/tell a girl that you don't just want to be 'just friends' but don't have to be 'exclusive'?

Everytime I use the word 'date' I get shot down with the response 'I don't have time/want a boyfriend'. I'm just trying to do something fun, but I don't think I'm getting my message across right. I don't want to be 'just friends' but I also don't want to be super exclusive. What's the best way to find middle ground?


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  • I was confused when a guy said he isn't ready to jump into a relationship but wants to hang out. So to be clear, I suggest you say I want to continue getting to know you better. If she looks confused, just say, I would like to continue our dates and learn about each other more.

  • Just explain what you mean, or call it "hanging out".

    • 'hanging out' is a one-way ticket to the friendzone in my opinion, do you think something along the lines of "just for fun" is better, or not?

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    • hang*

    • it basically means the same just different wording, thanks for your help

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