Why do guys leave girls after they makeout or let them grab their boobs?

A girl Ik just got dumped a few days after she made out with a guy and let him feel her boobs under the shirt.

Why did he dump her after that?


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  • Simple: He got what he wanted, and that was all he wanted. Mission Accomplished, and time to move on to something else.

    Or, to look at it another way: this girl let herself get used because she was with a guy purely because she was attracted to him, but without bothering to get to know him or figure out if he was actually interested in HER (or just sex/boobs).


Most Helpful Girl

  • Conquered conquest, maybe? Maybe that's all the guy was interested and being with her for. Sad, I know. But some guys are like that.

    I hope your friend moves on from him quickly. And for future reference, your friend should go slower in relationships. That way, she won't get hurt or feel as if she put out too much too fast.
    Best Wishes.


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