Just friends after maybe a big red flag?

I met this girl at a volunteer social hour the other night. I asked her to stay after for a drink and she agreed. I thought we had a great conversation and she asked if I was dating anyone. She went on a bit about an ex that she dumped 6 months ago for cheating on her (red flag?). Anyway, got her number at the end of the night and sent her a flirty text the next day. Got a response that she had a good time but was only interested in being friends. Not sure if this has something to do with the "baggage" she presented during the conversation or she just isn't interested. Either way, I told her that it was disappointing but not interested in having any more friends. I'm wondering if the ex boyfriend talk could have played into this or if she just isn't interested.


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  • She is interested but only want to take things slow. Aka, friends. The best thing a woman can give you is her friendship. Because by doing so you can develop trust and respect. Then that can lead to a monogamous relationship.

    • Hmmm doesn't a guy have to make a move pretty soon though otherwise she thinks he's not interested romantically?

    • Just tell her how you feel. Then take it slow and go from their.

    • Actually ill post a question & tag u in it so you can offer an opinion. I was thinking about this only yesterday but with a slight twist. Thank you

  • She just may not have been emotionally ready for a relationship yet, especially if she was still talking about her ex.


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