Getting back with an EX?

Has anyone gotten back together with an EX after breaking up a second time? How did you get back together?


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  • I don't ever go back. Once it's done, it's done.

  • The best way to maximize your odds of getting an ex back is to move on with your life but let them know your still interested if they change their mind. Next time he contacts you simply tell him that you enjoy your time together but that you're not interested in being just friends and that he should call you if he changes his mind. If the breakup was prompted by something wrong you did then you can throw in there that you're sorry and you want to make things work, but keep it short. Very short.

    The more you say any the more you try to contact them the more your chances of them wanting you back will drop. People grow in attraction to you when they have time to think and remember positive memories of you and have time to miss and wonder about you. Smothering someone kills their attraction for you and in the case of a breakup even a single call or text can feel like being smothering if it brings back bad memories.

    Go out and have fun with your friends and family, go meet a few guys, and before you know it you'll meet someone you like even better or maybe his name just might show up on your phone one evening. Either way, dwell on the past will get you nowhere so avoid the temptation to do so.


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