I came to his place and saw that his couch is in different position. Please read! Should I be worried?

He has a small apartment.

On the left side is his work area (huge computer monitor) and on aright side is his couch facing the wall with no TV.

So whenever im there he moves his couch facing the computer (diagonal position) so we can watch movie and stuff.

The last time i was there, the couch was facing the wall but when i came the other night, it was facing the computer!! I didn't actually remember its position last time i came so i asked "oh you didn't move it back?" He was like "theres no really point to move it back"

now, my question is, is there a probability that he is bringing someone else on his apartment? Cause if its just him, he won't move it as he will just eat on his computer desk and watch there.


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  • Time will tell. If you can't trust him. Why are you with him?

    • He did tell me that he is not the type who date multiple girls at a time - which im 50/50. Maybe its just my paranoid mind but hey, anyone can lie right?

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    • We are not official but been dating for 2 months. I've already brought up the "exclusivity" talk but he didn't really gave me a clear answer. Should i talk to him again about it or move on?

    • Yell him what you want. If he can't agree to it then move on. Believe me it a guy is not trying to be in a monogamous relationship. Guess what he's not going to be seeing only you. He will use that as an excuse. You have the power as the woman never loose it nor forget that.

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  • I think you're reading a little too much into the placement of his furniture


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