Ignored my snap?

I hooked up with this girl a month ago and we've been talking a snapping each other, the past 2 weeks we've only been snapchating, she has always replied and that's why I was shocked when she opened and didn't respond I didn't say anything that would set her off, I'm really confused


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  • What did you snap her? Maybe she just didn't have a response.

    • Well we usally just snap pictures so I wasn't expecting a response I said "I can read your mind" with my hand up to my head like I was.

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    • Haha well all I said is "night" the day before. So it was the first snap of the day I sent her

    • Lol ah I wouldn't worry about it. She may have been busy when she opened it or if it was me I wouldn't respond because if you can read my mind then you already know what I would've said back!

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