What do guys think of girls who are "backstabbers"?

So there is this girl from my high school, a senior. She's popular and cute, everyone (I think) LOVES her and think she is just the nicest person ever. This girl started flirting with my ex-boyfriend when we were dating. She does this to a lot of guys though...Including when she had a boyfriend of her own, and then started hooking up with two of my boyfriend's friends. I guess she's setting her sights on HIM now, and I can't really figure out why. She knows I don't like her for flirting and talking to him because when we were dating, she did that. Now, though, we were broken up, and they have been hanging out. A lot. She started sending me and my best friend nasty text messages about how we were sluts and whores a month ago, and how our exes and other people hate us and we just use guys. Completely ridiculous. But my ex and her seem to be a thing now...I don't know what I should feel.

This girl had really NO reason to do this, except my friend hooked up with her ex and was with him for a little while, but yet this girl is talking sh*t about me to my ex and bitching at me when she's doing the same thing? Please tell me that guys aren't stupid enough to fall for somebody so two-faced.


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  • u'd be supriced how easy they fall for them