Was this date a dud?

We have known each other for quite a long time on the dating site but finally managed to go on our first date. We both were silent around each other, and we were shy so not able to talk much. Most of the time we spend just smiling at each other and conveying our replies non-verbally. They say that we should talk a lot on first date, so was it a dud?
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  • I believe that it's only a failure if one, or both, of you don't wanna have a second date.
    Silences happen, that's normal, especially on a first date, so I wouldn't look too much into that.
    You can still have a great time together without talking too much.

    Go on a second date, see how it goes from there. It's most likely that you'll be more comfortable with each other and will talk more.

    • We both are not experts on dates. In fact, he has gone on a date after 4 years, and it was my first time, so I think it was meant to be like that lol :P

    • Oh yeah, you're beginners at this, so it's normal what happened. It happened to me too, so don't put much thought into it, just keep going on dates with him.

    • It feels good to know I am not alone Haha

  • Yeah I don't know that it was a total dud. If you were smiling at each other and stuff. Go out again and see what happens


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