Why is he waiting?

We have gone on 2 dates and texts everyday or at least every other day. It's been a month and I asked him out 3weeks ago, he couldn't make it at the end so then He asked me 2weeks ago But I couldnt make it. Why does he continue To say he will make it up To me and wants to But yet he let's time go by. I told him he doesn't owe me anything But he says... No, I want to and that We will see each other soon. I like him On an intelectual level... We have so much in common On values and life.

  • He he wants to know I'm interested
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  • He is busy Or waiting for the right time
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  • I'm just an option
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  • He is being cautious and Starting as friends
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He seems very busy. I would give it some time and if you really like him and he likes you then you both can hopefully make time to see each other. It seems like you both are to busy for each other.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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What Guys Said 1

  • "But I couldnt make it"

    He's not sure if you don't like him or are perhaps stringing him along


What Girls Said 1

  • He is playing the field. No one is too busy.
    My boyfriend job requires him to be with clients n meetings all the time. Yet he text/call the minute he can spear to update/talk to me.

    Two dates n he is not making other plans then he is not interested. He is stringing u along.
    One or two dates is an interview u don't know him.


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