Why would he purposely ignore me on facebook? How should I deal with it?

He likes and comments on 90% of my posts. When I do the same he never ignores me, however I notice that a girl he recently added commented on one of the post. he liked and commented. I commented and he ignored.

I'm the girl he is dating. that girl is someone he just added 2 weeks ago. Is he trying to put on a show that he is not too involved with me?

That girl is not pretty but just wiling to post lingerie photos. She probably has a boyfriend as well as she posted something wtih #valentinedate


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  • i have a feeling he is trying to down play the relationship with you. talk to him and find out whats going on. to tell you the truth i wonder if he will tell you the total truth.
    i would prepare for a possible end of the relationship. since he down playing the relationship with you and doesn't seem scared to show it

    • You're right I won't hear the truth. He never ignores my comment... if I'm the first person who comments on it. Im not surprise he is trying to downplay it as he's a committment phobe

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    • Deep down I know a long term relationship is imposisble unless he puts himself into therapy. He volunteered to purcahse a self help book after I pointed out his phobia after the break up. Now after 2 chapters he said he has no phobia.. he is just not ready..

      It just hard to walk out as I planned to break up wtih him last night.. but seeing him carrying the stuff to me nto wanting the money back and made me feel like he went out of his way to get me something practical. i see it as a gift..

    • You are right about he is a waste of time.. I find out the truth today.. my friend caught him red handed.. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1926206-why-can-t-guys-be-upfront-honest-about-what-they-want

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  • He Obviously Doesn't want to Think he Has to Explain you to Anyone on the Book... Take a Look and See what He is Doing here, dear.
    Yes, Dating for sure, but when it Comes to Media and being in the Stats and Situation at hand with this Man, you Are in now, it comes down to This.
    I had a Similar situation on GAG... Now, I don't Talk to Either one of Them, Nor... Mention.
    Good luck. xx

    • I see... that's really selfish of him.. he would comment on mine and i just comment on it. If this is his attitude I shouldn't even bother to take him out on hist birthday.. cos if I was gonna post birthday pics he will be thinking oh no don't post it or reluctantly agree then have seetings to no one else see it?

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    • Find your own WAY on the book to have a Look with maybe something to peeve HIM OFF. xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • Facebook is a pretty unreliable gauge of a relationship. How does he treat you when you are together? How long have you been dating? What contact does he maintain when you aren't together? Do you know his friends and family? Things like that are what really counts.

    • been dating for 8 months. he is commitment phobe and for the first 6 months he refused to call me girlfriend even we are exclusive. when he broke up with me he calls me girlfeind.. we are dating again without any break.

      But we are not physical now. he still sees me regularly.. but he stopped taking me to his sports.. his birthdya is next week.. wll see if he spends main day with me? He takes me out he pays for everything. We did spend valentines day together, can tell he really wants to get close to me emotionally but got cold feet again. Last time I saw him he got me something I wanted to pay him and he refuse to take the money. so it's a thoughtful gift?

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