How can I start the conversation?

by the way, I am a girl I just made a mistake when I created the account

There is a guy I met 3 months ago and we live in different states but I am going to visit his for a weekend. When we met he told me to contact him if I visited his state. I want to tell him that I am going by facebook, but I dont know how to start the conversation, I dont want to seem desperate. I was thinking to ask if he could suggest any activities in the city and then see if he replies and ask me to hang out. I thought I could ask if he remembers me to make it more casual and add some sort of joke
what would you suggest me to do? how can I start the conversation?
People honestly help in useless questions on this site


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  • What you were thinking sounds fine

  • "Hi, I am going to (whatever the name of the state is) so, I am trying to see what I can do while I am there, do you have any suggestions?'

    as simple as that. Dont overthink it


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