Should I give up? Whats wrong with me?

Okay I've posted about this before I asked a girl out she said yes and made plans for the date but she was horrible at texting but we had a blast when we went out and she said yes to a second date. When I would try to make plans she would cancel and she did so twice then last week she said we should just be friends. Which stunk but I like her and enjoy her company so I figured we could be friends. Then she invited me to a party with her because her friend she was going with he backed out. I asked her what time I should pick her up and what time the party was she didn't reply until 2 days later. Which really aggravated me. We went to the part and I had a blast I'm a really socially awkward but when I am with her it's like I don't care and I'm the life of the party I'm able to be 100% me around her. She said she wanted to go see this show with me so I said I would find out the next show. Today I asked her if Sunday would work she said she has another commitment then I said next Sunday she said she can't due to a family event. Which I believe her but I didn't want to throw out a third day and look desperate just for her to say she has something that day. So I left it alone and asked how her day was but the once again she never responded. I have low self esteem with women already and this girl I thought was someone I connected with because of the way we act around each other we just click. I don't know now. I feel like I am being led on but at the same time am I just over reacting. This girl is great she's smart gorgeous and funny. I was perfectly fine with just being friends because I do genuinely have fun with her. She didn't try when I was trying to date her and said she wanted to be friends because she enjoys my company. Then I try to be her friend and she's not even trying to be my friend now. I don't get it! I mentally exhausted. I don't get why this happens with every f-cking girl! she's wearing me down mentally. What's wrong with me? Should I give up?
Also yesterday when i was trying to make plans with her for that show she texted me something I've never really seen before. Was wondering if you all could shed some light on it for me? I texted her "Hey that show is this Sunday. Wanna go?" she said "Gah! I can't i have a dinner party i told my friend id go to :(" I said "Oh okay no worries, I'll find another day" Then i said "Next Sunday?" She replied with just "... My Sisters Birthday..." Any idea what the series of periods could mean? Contex?


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  • I would say let her go, she seems to be showing signs of frustrations with you asking her, even though she opened it up for the invite. I wouldn't saying she's playing games per se, I would say she's not quite stable in what she wants. The best thing you can do is just give her distance and if she approaches you, you then tell her you're not in the mood for antics or moody behavior, she needs to put the effort in now because last time you tried she was being rude - that would be my take on it.


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  • Oh boy, if i had a pound for every time something like this happened to me, tbh mate. It's just one bitch. Fuck her and move on you can do better.

    • Honestly man this girl has made me feel like a complete desperate loser.

    • Right well okay lad...
      Honestly, we've all been there.
      I know how you feel and i've tried to kill myself over a girl. So i know exactly how you feel.
      Try make her jealous champ... Bitches want what they can't have.

  • You made a few mistakes, you should have said "I'm not looking for a friendship, contact me if you change you mind" and then just stop texting her. 2nd thing is you should say "I wanna see you, when can you get together" this makes it much easier since she tells you when's she's free instead of throwing dates at her. Also it's never a good idea to take a girl to a party unless she has a high level of attraction for you, dates are best 1 on 1 so her friends or other guys don't cock block you.

    • Okay so should I just give up on here? Or try this way out?

    • I'd give it a week or two and then just keep it short and say ask her how's she's doing and then say "I wanna see you, when are you free to get together for dinner" if she says something like "I may be able to (blank day)" just withdrawal the offer and contact her in 3 weeks this time. Always set a definate date if she says she has a day free. If you do manage to get a date don't text her at all in the mean time. That's your best bet, hope I helped.

    • And when I meant "I may be free" I meant that if she appears like she's saying maybe which usally always means no.

  • Sounds like classic mind games to me. That sounds like a waste of time

  • If its hurting you leave.


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