Is my girlfriend trying to insult me? Or is her trainer?

My girlfriend has a personal trainer, last week she said that her personal trainer offered to train me for free and that he wanted to do a session with us together. Yesterday she told me that her trainer said that the reason he wanted us to do a session together is so that she could crush me, she said he said it cause she's been doing the workouts longer and is more experienced. What do I make of this? Was it a slight directed at me by her or him?
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  • Maybe she's trying to boost her morale on your expense.

    • he's* trying

    • That's what I thought, and maybe cause she said the workouts are really thought and I said I'm in better shape than you so I'd be fine.,, I Was just confused as to why she'd tell me he said that.

    • Looking at the bright side, she's not keeping any secrets from you.

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  • Man you are way too sensitive. He makes more money on group sessions and he will say anything to get her to do it.


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  • hey could be offering a promotional offer its a good way to get new clients in plus it has been know to help boost some peoples confidance and he could be just trying to give her a little ego noost gotta keep the customers happy after all not that i would do that though

  • It's him trying to break you up so he can make a move on her.
    You see, he knows that if your girlfriend feels she is stronger than you, she will no longer be attracted to you because you will seem less capable of protecting her in her eyes whereas her trainer will still seem like the alpha male who can make her do as he wants and that is attractive to a woman.

    This is actually a common method personal trainers use to get into the pants of hot or vulnerable/gullible female clients.

    I have a friend who is a personal trainer and he brags about times he's done this.

    • That's how I took it too, but she's a smart girl if this is what he was getting at why would she tell me? Is she trying to make me jealous or insult me because I tease her about being in better shape than her?

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    • She's been going there for a while he hasn't been a problem tbh.

    • Just don't say you weren't warned. Building trust is the first step. I know this, one of my best friends is a personal trainer and this is exactly how he gets laid.

      Dude wake up, he isn't offering you a free session, you're paying him by inadvertently giving him your girlfriend.

      Sometimes it takes an outsider to show you the big picture and I'm trying to show you.

  • just messing.


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