How does it feel when a beautiful girl shows interest in you?

How do you men feel?


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  • Quite bizzare. At least when they are doing nothing to hide it.

    One of the classes I've taken at my university is Finance; I sat at one of the back rows on the left side in the class room while a gorgeous blonde sat at the front on the right side (second bench at the front).

    I started to notice that the girl was always looking in my general direction; then I started to think as the semester went on a people started to stop attending that she must be looking at me. So I tested it; sat at the absolute farthest point I could possibly sit and I saw her almost twisting her neck whenever she didn't have to write into the PowerPoint notes... so I got a bizzare feeling that she must like me. I knew a girl that sat behind her, so during one interval I decided to go and talk to that girl I knew before she got up to go to the cafeteria to get coffee, like most of us did. I saw the girl in question tensing up when she started to realise that I was walking near to her. She started to fiddle with papers and pretending to be busy but I almost caught her ears flapping when she was listening in on our conversations.

    Mind you, this happened over a few week period; I checked out her Facebook profile and Instagram irregularly.

    One day, after class, I went to the cafeteria to go get coffee. In line at the register I noticed she was behind me and kept a respectable distance; after I had paid and as she was having her items barcode scanned I opened her up and initiated conversation... it was like a Christmas tree had lighted up.

    I've never seen anything like it; it was a great feeling. The day after I checked her Facebook and saw she had changed her profile picture... one where a guy stood behind her and held his arms around her. I was gobsmacked; I never saw that before. I started to dig around and found out they friggin' lived together.

    So that was my one and only conversation with her. That was in 2013; now when I check our national registry I see they are no longer listed as living together. I just can't handle chicks that would probably cheat on their boyfriends.

    But the feeling is great...

    • Ty for the story, really fascinating.. and sad that she is living with this other guy now. But hopefully you'll find another beautiful girl :)
      What would it feel like if the beautiful girl wanted to meet you?

    • Hahahah, sorry I should have proofread. But she's not with the guy now, but she was when she was ogling me. It wasn't until several weeks after I had noticed her ogling that I talked to her in the cafeteria, and I had never seen any guys with her on her pictures on Facebook and Instagram; so I took it as she was giving me a signal that she was taken.

      And I'm not going to swipe a girl from under a guys nose; sorry but I can't be a low life scumbag - it's just not in me.

      So, if another beautiful girl would want to meet me, I would honestly tell her courteously to find someone else than me (because I've been burnt in the past by this girl and as the saying goes "A burnt child dreads the fire")

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  • I guess it feels great for them. Same way you'd feel if a very attractive guy paid attention to you.


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