How can I best explain to my girlfriend that I "need" to kiss her.

Please first understand where I am coming from:

We are both very devoted Christians and purity is our number one goal. We talked about kissing a while ago and she made the comment that she DIDN'T want us to kiss. This was because 1) partly she wanted to save her first kiss for her wedding day 2) while we can make definite boundaries for other physical activities, kissing is more of a grey area and a slippery slope. I said that it would frustrate me but that if it was important to her I would agree to not kiss.

However, it has become apparent to me that this is not a good situation. I don't have a good solution, but I need to be able to express myself to her and let her know how great a desire it is of mine and that to me this desire isn't evil as long as we do keep control of ourselves.

Any thoughts?


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  • Religious or not, basic kissing (not excessive amounts of spit swapping here) is a great way to express feelings. My initial guess is that she is scared of her first kiss, or perhaps afraid that if she lets you (no offense here) kiss her you might only want more. Perhaps you should ask her why she wants to wait so long? Reassure her that you can wait until she is comfortable with the thought of kissing you and that your religious views are important to you as well, but waiting until marriage to express your love is not what you have in mind!


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