I really care about her, but what does she see me as?

Known her for about 6 months, and have grown pretty close. Her home life isn't the best, so I try to do whatever I can to help her, get her, and be there for her. I try to check in on her, make sure she's ok, and look out for her. She started getting flirty, teasy, walking to classes, and soon enough I started getting feelings for her. Told her I cared, and would do anything for her. I go literally the next day to ask her out, but see her with another guy. Find out they have been "hanging out" (going to dinner, watching movies etc). Her friends and myself are even asking if they are dating or official, but she always says no, saying she doesn't like him as much as he likes her (her friends seem to be pressuring her into him though but idk). However, they still do tons of things together, and I see her walk with him down the hallways (she waves to me when she's walking with him). I decided, I'm still going to be there for her, no matter what, but she seems to brush off all the things I try to do for her now. When I ask her if she's ok, or just checking in, she makes it seem like its a chore to respond. I took a hint, and tried to distance myself from her. However, every time I do, she messages me constantly, asking whats up, you ok etc. What should I do, any ideas?


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  • Sounds like she's playing hard to get either that or she's making you jealous. This behavior I recognize from my own behavior. When a guy seems intrested we have two options 1.) to make him want us even more so we can get them to make a move. 2.) we try and make them jealous to test the waters. The best thing you can do is mirror her behavior and see how she reacts. What ever you do don't make it obvious girls will know for sure if you are. Pretend like she's not in the hall and just have a friend to walk with its a known fact it makes you look hard to get when you are with your friends.

    • You really think its trying to be jealous/hard to get? I mean, I see them together all the time, but I do find it weird that she waves when they walk by, like she wants me to notice. I just, don't know since her friends ask if the two of them are "official" , which begs the question are they going to date? What could I do, to make myself look like the better option if so, be hard to get back?

    • im sure she is trying to make you jealous and remember just because her friends want them together doesn't mean she wants to be with him but for now let's focus on the real problem how can you appear as the better option well for starters you need to take a break focus on you not them because that's exactly what she wants hang out with friends focus on your passions and she will notice and want you more also another thing I really think will help is approach her I love it when my crush approaches me it makes me happy I'm sure she loves it too

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