Do you ever set a timer on your phone for when you reply to someone’s text?

Some time ago I asked a girl to come to a formal dinner with me. She turned me down. Anyhow she since talks to me every so often online or over text although I don’t expect anything to come from it. She flirts and teases me a fair amount but I can tell she is inexperienced at it.

Anyhow last time she initiated a conversation, I noticed that she would take exactly as long as I took to reply. So if I took 24 hours, she took 24 hours, if I took 38, she took 38, etc.

After 3 weeks I randomly texted her and we started talking for 2 days. Out of curiosity I looked at the time intervals between my messages and her replies, and in ALL 10 cases her replies were EXACTLY 75-80 minutes.

I know sometimes it’s good to play a little hard to get, but this seems a little excessive. To the point where it is rather easy to spot. Does anyone do this?


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  • No, that's really weird to do. Now that you
    mention it I do remember one time noticing that I would sometimes take exactly the same amount of time as this one guy to respond. It was never intentional, but once I noticed it I tried to stop it because I felt weird about it and hoped he never noticed.

    So maybe it's not intentional? But I doubt she sets a timer to time your response time. Unless she was really obsessive or something.

    • Well I think most people would not notice. The only reason I noticed is because I work with numbers pretty much everyday and these things sort of stand out. And when I see ~75 minutes pretty much every time, it really stands out.

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  • I don't know unless she has a few screws lose tben she probably isn't timing it. I wouldn't read too much in to it

    • Isn't that weird? When I noticed that I was like "What the actual fuck?"

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    • You know whats funny? I ran into her just now

    • Lol what a coincidence

  • haha, oh yeah my friend does that.

    • Damn talk about systematic approaches to playing hard to get!

What Guys Said 1

  • You think she is timing it? thats stalker behavior...

    • I don't know. It just seems weird when every one of her texts is almost exactly 75 minutes apart from mine. Kinda creepy

    • don't read too much into it... just accept that you were texted back.

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