We only dated for two months, what happened?

I dated a guy that I met on a dating website for about two months. Things were great. We were compatible personality wise and got intimate and it seemed to be the start of a healthy relationship. One night I got upset with him though. I didn't got crazy on him or anything I just had asked him if he wanted to talk (after a week of a tough situation that we both made for ourselves) he said not really. So I assumed we were about to end so I tested it out and said alright well I'll just send you your stuff through mail and you won't have to see me again ever. And then he sent me which address to send it to and then I asked if that meant he never wanted to see me again and he didn't reply. He hadn't tried contacting me since. I even apologized and said I was under stress and I hope you understood and still nothing.

So is he done or just keeping space? He hasn't deleted me from social media.


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  • It sounds like it is probably over if he won't talk about it


What Girls Said 1

  • He is done. He no longer cares.


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